Distracted 11/10/2007

Uploaded a new comic this evening.  I have been distracted from creating new episodes because my Goldfrapp DVD's came from Blockbuster this week and I've been watching them with the volume up really loud.  She is so cool.  All I have to say is Ooh La La...

Been Busy 11/04/2007

Well, I added a few new things, videos for one.  I'm only going to link to videos that are nice...no R-rated stuff.  I know that the first video has someone being bonked by a bat, but it's very mild I think.  Let me know if you think it's not.

Changes 11/03/2007

Added another comic today.  Also changed  the web site's look.  It looks better.  Still no major comments from the blogsphere .  ;)